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After trying to concieve for nearly 5 yrs. My husband and I decided to go see a specialist, I checked out normal but my husband was told that his sperm quality and count was not at the level that it should be and our chances of conception was less that 1%..We decided to see a Urologist(Dr. Harvey Samowitz) for a second opinion and he recommended that we take MRC as a starter plan to see if that would atleast change the level of the sperm quality and count..From the very beginning Dr. Samowitz stated that it would take a 3 month cycle (3 bottles of MRC) for us to see a possible change.. Much to our surprise after the 3 months were up, I found out I was pregnant, best part was when the doctor said I was 2 and half months into my pregnancy..meaning that it only took 2 weeks of 1 bottle of MRC to get the results we were looking for and we now have a BEAUTIFUL AND EXTREMELY HEALTHY GIRL...We are now seeking expand our family and we're using MRC again since it worked so well for us the first time... I would recommend this product to any couple seeking a little push with out shelving out the BIG BUCKS for medical treatment and most importantly its all natural so you know that what is going into your body is not some kind of medical drug.


Thank you for creating this product


It's a miracle ... I'm pregnant! After two and a half years of trying we finally did it! We conceived only after 3 weeks of vitamins. We feel so blessed.


Thank You and God Bless

Catalina and Diego

Tried for 3 years to conceive and nothing. I'm so thankful I was introduced to FRC. After 2 months of vitamins we are now waiting for our 1st. Me getting pregnant is all the proof I need!


Gina and Jerrimy

After 2 months of taking FRC, I went for a blood test and my FSH had dropped to 13 on february 4, 2002. I conceived I am now four months pregnant. The Pills really work!


Sincerely Silvia

I tried for 6 years to conceive finally a friend told me of FRC I started taking them for 4 months. I now have a beautiful baby boy. Anyone having problems conceiving should use FRC. They work!!



I want to thank you very much for the products you recommended to me. Female Reproductive Complex and the Male Reproductive complex which  helped us to conceive a baby  Yesterday I got my blood test with positive results.  My first appointment with the Gynecologist will be the first of May.  Thanks again for recommending such wonderful products.


Clara Hill

I can't thank you enough for the "FRC" complex  We had been trying to have a baby for a year now without any success.  After only one month of taking the vitamins, we are now pregnant  and completely ecstatic. Our numbers skyrocketed right after.


Again Thank You So Very Much

Lisa Nunez

I ordered your MRC for my husband because we were going to do an Invitro, While corresponding with your online consultant  I was recommended to use the FRC, to assist in the success  of the  Invitro..since I do not ovulate .    During this time I succeeded to have a normal ovulation and allowed me to become pregnant  on my own without having to go through the Invitro process. We will be having a baby this spring .  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you I will recommend this to everyone.


Gina Brooker

I am a 42 year old woman , healthy but have never conceived due to a high FSH. 37   and my doctor has performed three Invitros with no success.  I was told not to bother trying, either donor or adoption.  I was devastated as I wanted my own biological child. My doctor recommended FRC and MRC for my husband. Within three weeks my FSH levels dropped to 18.  After the second month of using the products I was so excited when my Doctor told us we were pregnant . Completely natural   I recommend these vitamins to any one who is as desperate as we were .   IT WORKS!!!!!


Thanks for such a wonderful Product.

Sylvia Martin

My partner is an older man who socially drinks and smokes regularly .  His urologist tested him and his sperm count was 16million and very slow and irregular. After one month his count doubled  and increased his motility and improved his morphology..Now Im not recommended that you continue your recreational activity but my man wouldn't change but the product changed his results . We are now awaiting a baby boy and we're very excited to share the news.


Nancy Fisher

I want to thank your company  for the MRC  we used it to raise my husbands sperm count . We conceived a baby but my husband continues to use the product because it not only raised his sperm count but increased his libido ,energy ,sex drive and testosterone levels.

Thanks Again,





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